Bulk Building Materials : EPA/600/R-93/116 and EPA/600/M4-82-020 methods.

Air Quality Samples: NIOSH 7400 Counting Method


We provide analytical testing for asbestos for a variety of building materials and air quality samples from a third party. Examples of bulk materials are popcorn ceiling, vinyl flooring, tile, drywall texture, insulation, etc. Testing can be completed in as little as 1 hour and reports are sent via e-mail. We are also accredited by NIST through the NVLAP program.


Bulk Building Materials and Tape Lifts : Bulk Nonviable Fungal Identification

Air Quality Samples: Air sampling and Fungal Spore Identification

We are now offering testing for fungal identification, which can help in identifying hazardous types of mold. Bulk samples may be tape lifts, swabs or building materials. Air quality can also be sampled and tested for fungal spore identification.


How to Submit A Sample

To have a bulk sample tested please fill out a Chain of Custody form, located here: Bulk Sample Chain of Custody. Samples may be dropped off at any time or mailed to the address above in a padded envelope. Prices for analysis can vary depending on the type of material, so please call us at 253-941-4343 for an exact quote.